Pro-Russian separatists have intensified their shelling of government positions in eastern Ukraine. … Officials said the spike in attacks followed the arrival of a Russian aid convoy in the region on Thursday.”

Jaja, diese ‘Humanitarian Aid’ … die ganz Blöden glauben daran. Anderswo läuft derweil der Truppenaustausch. Die russische Armee – die doch gar nicht da ist – ersetzt den anarchistischen Rebellenrummel:

“Oliver Carroll reports from Gorlivka and says that locals say the town is occupied by the Russian military, and troops once loyal to Bezler remain but are separate. Is this a confirmation of what has been suggested for many months, that the Russian military took more direct control over events in Gorlivka and elsewhere in the Donbass?

Blöde Frage. ‘Bezlers, geht kacken!’, heißt das …